The Magpie bird is considered a link to the other worldly, primal realm of spirits, senses, and symbolism. This Magpie, the band, does something very similar. Their lyrical encoding speaks of grander ways hidden in simplicity which sedates us into a connectedness and assurance to the ear. 

Magpie has been awakening the hearts of audiences all over the Unites States since 2010. The band primarily consists of songwriter Zach Dunn and multi-instrumentalist composer Matt Scibilia.  They have often been known to add a third or fourth surprise band member on their tours but sound like a full sized band as a duo. Magpie certainly brings a rare depth with their dynamic high energy blend of folk rock. For just 2 creatures, they create an astonishingly full sound as Matt, part octopus, plays melodic bass lines on the keys with one hand, drums with the other appendages and sings harmonies all at the same time Zach peppers ripping lead harmonica lines over electric guitar and delivers lyrics with a certain grit and soul sure to bring on the warm fuzzy feelings. This is certainly one of those rare bands that demands to be experienced.